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We now know that Pokemon Mega are pretty out of this world

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  • We now know that Pokemon Mega are pretty out of this world

    What canít the giant Pikachu do? They can hock vending machines. They can run relay races. They can do menial intern tasks. Even their failures are endearing. And now, it turns out that the squad of costumed Pokemon are fantastic dancers, too. mega pokemon feature Dusk Mane Necrozma and Dawn Wings Necrozma, respectively. Both Pokemon appear to be a combination of the eponymous monster and Solgaleo and Lunala, who we know from Pokemon Mega. These forms of Necrozma even have the same typing as Solgaleo and Lunala, so consider these to be some souped-up takes on Pokemon Megaís most recognizable legendaries.

    Duskull is like the sweet old man of the group. Itís styled after the Grim Reaper, so we understand weíre meant to be afraid of it ... but thereís something about that face that just warms us to it. Even if it does have a thing for the tears of children. (But donít we all?)
    We could all use a ludicrous news pokemon game story today, I think, and hereís a pretty good one: Earlier this week, the Secret Service took down Pikachu after the Pokemon attempted to jump the White House fence. We now know that Pokemon Mega are pretty out of this world, what with the focus on interdimensional travel and all. That inspiration carries over to the designs of the seriesí biggest monsters, the terrifying Ultra Beasts.

    The best part of each tier, however, is that more Pokemon will spring up across the globe with each benchmark. The top prize is the gold tier, which has two huge prizes: If players catch a collective three billion Pokemon, the region-exclusive Farfetchíd will become obtainable worldwide for 48 hours. Kangaskhan, which is exclusive to Oceania, will also start springing up in East Asia during that period. That remains true in I Choose You!, but then the film deviates dramatically from the original anime. Twenty years ago, Charmander evolved into a Charmeleon after several episodes and victories. When it did, it changed from a sweet, loyal baby Pokemon into a surly teen. And when Charmeleon became Charizard, it becomes even more of a brat, refusing to answer Ash at all. Itís a sad development that steps all over the intimate friendship the trainer and Pokemon built up.
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