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What has happened to paintball in today's time?

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  • What has happened to paintball in today's time?

    Does anyone still play paintball in today's time, that is outside of the MXL or CXBL, along time ago there was the Tournament of Champions forums teams and the OPPL, where does everybody play these day's and when is the most popular time to play at each and every location in the Greater Toronto Area?

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    No kidding it seems like no one is one here, I remember years ago(haven't played for a while) the forums were busy with people, and what ever happend to the I think it was. This one is OK but they had it going, I wanna start playing again but not sure were is best to go?


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      I think the problem with this situation is that the older generation of owners and players, have quit, leaving the CXBL with just MXL, and those people aren't representing their fields, so if younger one's want to start playing with them, they have no chance to play with them, or no where to go for advice, hence no markers are being bought or sold, and no field are making money.