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Overview of new Features

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  • Overview of new Features

    Hi everyone,

    Thank you for your participation.

    As you've seen, the website has been changing over the past few months. There are more improvements and new features being planned, but first we'd like to get some feedback to make sure we're making the right moves.

    First, I'd like to give you a rundown of all the new features on the table. Please post any new ideas or topics of discussion here and I'll update this post as more ideas arise. The discussion format will be 1 topic/issue at a time. We'll have 4 days to discuss the topic before the next one starts. In each discussion, we'd like to know how valuable it would be to the users and if valuable, how should it work and look like?

    Thanks everyone!

    Topics of Discussion:
    1. Logo
    2. Chatroom feature
    3. Classifieds
    4. Forum structure
    5. Photo Gallery
    6. ...

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    Testing font size 8

    Testing font size 10

    Testing font size 12

    Testing font size 14

    Testing font size 18

    Testing font size 24

    Testing font size 36

    Testing font size 48